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Discovery Process

Here at Discovery Partners Investment Center, we’ve designed a process to help guide you along the path of financial understanding. Our initial meeting is nothing more than a Discovery process. A meeting where we learn about your needs, your desires, your hopes, and help you put those into attainable goals. After our first consultation we try to lighten you load by stepping-back, compiling analysis, and formulating a plan to help you Discover your financial future. Then, we reconvene in the Partnership meeting. A meeting tailored around you, your family, and our implementation of your future plan. The final step in our process is our regular review. This is simply a routine maintenance where we meet, discuss changes, talk strategies, and highlight how your portfolio has been working for you. That’s the path to Discovery.

See the sections below to learn more about each step.

Discovery Meeting

The Discovery Meeting is a time for us to learn about you, your family, and your needs, desires, and hopes. It’s a time for you to learn about us. We will try to gain an in-depth understanding of your needs so we can make appropriate investment recommendations. Our aim here is to establish a system of long-term trust and friendship. We believe that learning about on another is the first step, the foundation, of that process.

This meeting typically takes an hour and is full of questions. Check out our Discovery Meeting Checklist for a simplified list of things we normally discuss.

Partnership Meeting

The Partnership Meeting is designed for us to present a wealth management plan that has been tailored to what we’ve collectively identified as your needs. This plan highlights your concerns, implements an investment strategy that attempts to preserve your wealth, and presents a plan for pursuing your goal. Our aim in this second meeting is to establish a mutual understanding, a Partnership, in planning for your future.

This meeting usually lasts an hour wherein we present our investment recommendations, discuss goal achievement, and address an questions that you have.

Regular Reviews and Maintenance

This meeting takes place a few days following the Partnership Meeting and is set up to sign paperwork and answer any additional questions that you have. Once implementation of the plan begins, it’s all about maintenance. We will periodically review so that we can stay informed of potential goal and lifestyle changes (a job change, a child or grandchild, early retirement, future concerns, etc.) while also keeping you up-to-date on your financial holdings.

Periodic reviews vary by client need and we are always still available whenever you need us. Check out our list of things we think you need in your Financial Vault.