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People from around the world tune-in to the Dave Ramsey show every day to hear common-sense talk about money, real life callers share their stories, and real questions about getting out of debt. More than that, though, they call to celebrate the ending of a story just like yours.

What is it all about?

The Dave Ramsey Show started as a local radio show in Nashville Tennessee that aired each day to talk about life's tough money questions. The show quickly spread and begain airing not only in Tennsee, but all over the United States.

Today, The Dave Ramsey Show is coast to coast, on over 500 stations, and has more than 8 million listeners. The message is the same, though, it's practical answer about money problem the every-day person faces. 

*Dave Ramsey is not affiliated with LPL Financial, and the opinions voiced by Dave Ramsey are not necessarily the opinions of LPL Financial.

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